We look forward to meeting you at this open event and to providing you with the information, energy and motivation to springboard your career in nutrition with the Institute for Optimum Nutrition, the home of nutritional therapy education for 35 years.

What we will cover

  • The differences between nutritional therapists, dieticians and nutritionists 
  • The course content, timetables, assignments etc. 
  • Flexible study options
  • Student support and academic development 
  • Post-graduate study options
  • Professional body membership and Regulatory Body registration 
  • The qualifications needed to join the course 
  • The nutritional therapy science access course options available
  • Recognition of prior learning 
  • Course fees and start dates



If you have any questions about this event, please contact a member of our friendly admissions team who will be happy to help.  You can contact them on 020 8614 7815 or by clicking here.

Spaces are limited so each booking is limited to a party size of three.  

Also, check out our list of FAQs. These will give you all the basic information you need before you attend an open event or before starting the course of your choice.