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This short course...

  • is delivered: As an online course
  • is for: Nutrition practitioners, other health care providers and final year nutrition students interested in applying functional medicine approaches to health and well being (i.e. exploring how nutrients, other foods and lifestyle factors influence the function of the body and how to  apply findings in a person – centred manner that recognises individuals’ unique differences)
  • is with: Christine Bailey
  • spans: 1 day
  • provides: BANT CPD 5 hours; ION CPD 5 hours*

The gastrointestinal tract plays a central role in many chronic and systemic diseases and many clients present with IBS type symptoms. Addressing gut health is critical from a Functional Medicine perspective yet keeping abreast of the latest research and trends and applying these to particular cases alongside interpreting laboratory data be challenging and confusing and the best course of action is not always clear.     

This online short course aims to synthesise and review the latest research and trends and give practitioners  confidence in applying these to cases and interpreting laboratory data. It will look at the most recent research on the interplay between gut barrier, microflora and immune function and what can go wrong with digestion and absorption processes and why. It will present laboratory assessment options around malabsorption and digestion, dysbiosis and IBS. Finally it will provide diet and lifestyle management suggestions based on specific IBS symptoms and patterns.

This course has been structured and designed based on best practice in delivering an effective and interactive online learning experience. Anonymised case study data will be used.



What will I learn?

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Critically review the main influences on digestion and absorption; gut barrier and immune functions and gut microbiome integrity
  • Critically assess tools to identify malabsorption, maldigestion, gut barrier integrity and dysbiosis and apply these to client specific contexts.
  • Critically assess diet, supplement and lifestyle approaches and apply these to client specific contexts

What will be covered?


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Session 1 (10-11.15am)
Functional assessment of the stomach, pancreas, gall bladder and small intestine

  • Compromised digestion: Causes and consequences of malabsorption, maldigestion and poor digestive health with implications from recent research
  • Check your understanding exercise
  • Symptoms and functional assessment of gastric, pancreatic, biliary, small intestine dysfunction
  • Application of stool tests e.g. Doctor’s Data GI 360 and Invivo EcologiX.  Case study examples with Q and A session.
  • Speaker recap and review and practitioner reflection.

Session 2 (11.30 am - 12.45pm)
Functional assessment of the gut barrier

  • Compromised gut barrier function:  Causes, signs and symptoms of intestinal permeability with implications from recent research.
  • Check your understanding exercise
  • Symptoms and functional assessment of intestinal permeability
  • Examination of Cyrex Array 2 test to examine gut barrier health. Examples for discussion.
  • Speaker recap and review and practitioner reflection.

Session 3 (1.45pm- 3pm)
IBS and Dysbiosis under the lens

  • Current definitions of IBS and dysbiosis:  What is understood and not understood about their causes and pathophysiologies
  • Check your understanding exercise
  • Research update on common pathogens as triggers and mediators.
  • Application of stool tests e.g. Doctor’s Data GI 360 and Invivo EcologiX.  Case study examples with Q and A session.
  • Speaker recap and review and practitioner reflection.

Session 4 (3.15pm-4.30pm)
Practical Management of IBS – critical application of the 5R programme

  • IBS resolution: Summary of evidence informed dietary, supplement and lifestyle approaches
  • Application of resolution options with case studies for discussion.  Q and A session.
  • Opportunity for participants clinical questions for discussion
  • Speaker recap and review and practitioner reflection

Who is leading the course?

Christine Bailey BSc MSc PGCE MBANT MIFM

Christine is an experienced Functional Nutrition Practitioner, Nutritional Therapist and Author with over 20 year’s experience in the industry. She has authored more than  14 recipe and health books including The Gut Health Diet, The Brain Boost Diet and the Functional Nutrition Cookbook. Christine has a busy nutrition clinic and regularly lectures on nutrition throughout the UK.

How will I be taught?

ION’s short courses reflect best practice for online teaching and learning practice.  The course will include online presentations (maximum 20 mins) interspersed with anonymised case study data, individual exercises and Q&A sessions. It will also provide regular review and recap sessions and encourage critical thinking and reflection. 

How much does it cost and what’s included?

The course price is £119.00. 

  • Live online course and ability to ask some questions.
  • PDF of presentation and other documents (as relevant)
  • Edited recording available to view for 90 days
  • Confirmation of attendance and ION CPD 5 hours*
  • BANT CPD 5 hours

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  • Participation in an ION CPD course forms part of a practitioner's or individual's ongoing learning. It does not qualify a non-clinically trained practitioner or individual to work in a clinical setting. Individual’s boundaries of safe work, advice or practice are primarily determined by their formal qualifications and related personal insurance.
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