Working with Complex Autoimmunity in Clinical Practice

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This CPD course...

  • is delivered: As an online on-demand-video from a live course
  • is for: Nutritional therapy practitioners, nutritionists, dieticians, naturopaths,  other health care providers and final year nutrition students interested in applying functional medicine approaches to health and well-being (i.e. exploring how nutrients, other foods and lifestyle factors influence the function of the body and how to apply findings in a person–centred manner that recognises individuals’ unique differences)
  • is led by: Robyn Puglia FdSc DipION IFMCP mBANT mIFM 
  • spans: 7 hours recording time
  • provides: BANT CPD 5 hours, NNA CPD 5 hours**

Working with clients that have autoimmune disease in clinical practice is complex and can be overwhelming. Every person with an autoimmune disease has a unique set of antecedents, triggers and mediators that will often define and guide their needs more than their diagnosis. This course is designed to take practitioners deeper into understanding how to work with diet, nutrition, and lifestyle with their clients with autoimmune disease. We will be breaking down cases, learning how to personalize from a tool kit of diets and diet interventions rather than applying the same approach to everyone with an autoimmune disease, how to use and understand conventional blood testing and functional testing in clients with autoimmune disease to create successful, individual plans. This is a practical program, providing deeper understanding and confidence working with these complex clients.  

The focus of this course is to help practitioners to be able to break down a complex autoimmune case, organize and understand the knowledge they already have and recognise what further information may be helpful, and to confidently create a multi-step plan and framework for working through a complex autoimmune case. 

Autoimmunity often involves multiple complex overlapping dysfunctions and a long history of symptoms and ailments. This can make it difficult to know where to start, or how to effectively move someone through a series of interventions to keep them motivated and moving forward when the case stalls or plateaus, or if the person has a flare. 

This course will be teaching practitioners how to understand the full picture of the case and how to organize their thinking, intervention strategy and also how to communicate with the clients regarding expectations for outcomes. 

This course will be working with real cases, to pick them apart and organize the information. 

It will then cover understanding the underlying mechanisms, working with tests (conventional and functional) and how to create an intervention strategy. We’ll also be diving deep in to diet and understanding when and how we use which diet strategy or intervention for each individual, in order that we can get the best out of food, not keep people on an overly restrictive diet or how to understand when someone isn’t getting results from their diet changes. 

Examples of the questions it will answer:

  • Should everyone be GF / DF?
  • Who needs to avoid nightshades and lectins and why?
  • What tests should I be running in my autoimmune cases and why?
  • Where do I start when there is a lot going on?
  • What do I do if they aren’t getting results?
  • What if they can’t afford the expensive testing? 

Finally it will allow practitioner to have more clarity and confidence in complex autoimmune cases. 



What will I learn?

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Create impactful programmes that make a difference to clients with complex autoimmune cases
  • Choose and interpret tests, nutrition interventions and supplements with greater confidence and avoid ‘protocol’ thinking and one size fits all autoimmune interventions. 
  • Understand how to navigate flares and plateaus and keep your client motivated when the road they are walking is not straight forward. 

What will be covered?

Session 1: (Approx 1hr & 20mins) How to review a case and understand all the relevant information in context

  • Review of Autoimmunology, and introduction to case assessment
  • Introductions and housekeeping
  • Review of the overlapping immunology and ATMs in autoimmune cases
  • Case study exercise, participants workshop a case and discuss. Q and A

Session 2: (Approx 2hrs & 15 mins) The role of testing in Autoimmunity

  • Understanding functional testing and common conventional tests in the context of autoimmunity
  • Case study exercise and short Q and A
  • Session key points and a few questions to check participants’ understanding of the session
  • Q and A

Session 3: (Approx 2 hrs) Diet and Nutrition Tools in Autoimmunity

  • A deeper dive in to using food as a tool in AID. The what, when and how. 
  • Individual exercise and short Q and A
  • Session key points and a few questions to check participants’ understanding of the session
  • Q and A

Session 4: (Approx 1hr & 45 mins) Putting it all together. Workshop session

  • Review and discuss three complex autoimmune cases
    • participants will be breaking each case down and joining the dots between the antecedents, triggers and mediators and how each have been presenting in the past and what is present currently,
    • detailing what info they already have,
    • what more information may be helpful,
    • assessing the diets and tools they have available for this case and creating a multi-step intervention plan
  • Session key points and a few questions to check participants’ understanding of the session
  • Q and A

Who is leading the course?

Robyn Puglia FdSc DipION IFMCP mBANT mIFM 

Robyn is a Nutritional Therapist and IFM Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner.

Robyn is very involved within the field of Coeliac Disease, Gluten-Reactive Disorders and Autoimmune Disease, stemming from her own experiences with Coeliac disease and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Her passion for biochemistry and deep conviction regarding the healing power of food and lifestyle change, has led her to work with complex cases, involving multiple diagnoses, chronic infections and complex health issues such as ME, chronic Lyme and fibromyalgia.

Robyn runs a busy private practice with her team, supporting people all over the UK, Europe and globally and in addition is the co-founder and director of The Applied Functional Medicine Mentoring Program and The Autoimmune Academy practitioner mentoring program. Robyn has been the VP of Education for Europe and the UK for Cyrex Labs for 10 years, and is a key opinion leader on the subject of autoimmune disease in the UK.

How will I be taught?

ION’s CPD courses reflect best practice for online teaching and learning practice.  This is an edited recording of a live course. It contains presentations interspersed with anonymised case study data, individual exercises and recorded Q&A sessions. 

How much does it cost and what’s included?

  • The course price is £95.00
  • PDF of Powerpoint
  • Approx. 7 hours of edited recording
  • You can access the course up to 12 times
  • BANT CPD 5 hours, NNA CPD 5 hours

Important information

About this on-demand recording

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  • This course was recorded in March 2024. All recordings are removed approximately one year after they are recorded so that we can ensure our courses contain up to date information. You will be able to access the course up to 12 times before the materials are taken down.

How do I book?

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  • Participation in an ION CPD course forms part of a practitioner's or individual's ongoing learning. It does not qualify a non-clinically trained practitioner or individual to work in a clinical setting. Individual’s boundaries of safe work, advice or practice are primarily determined by their formal qualifications and related personal insurance. 
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