This short course...

    • is for: Members of public, Professionals
    • is with: Belinda Blake
    • spans: 1 day
    • provides: ION CPD 5 hours

    Are you interested in learning about foods to support women’s health? This lively and interactive day takes you on a creative and informative journey. It provides an overview of the properties of different foods and how these can be used to support women’s health during their fertile years through simple home cooking with nutritious and fresh ingredients.

    You will sample some delicious drinks, snacks and dishes and a few novel ingredients and products. The day focuses on how to support the body’s systems to function well rather than focusing on specific conditions. 

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    Course Description 

    What will I learn?

    This day aims to give lots of practical ideas and advice. By the end of the course participants will have: 

    • Gained a greater appreciation of how diet, stress and the environment influence women’s health; which foods or food groups are beneficial and why, and why this might differ between people 
    • Gained tools and information to help you think through which foods might be more appropriate for you or others and which might be less so 
    • Sampled a variety of home cooked foods that use nutritious and fresh ingredients as well a few novel ingredients and products 
    • Appreciated how different methods of food preparation affect the properties of foods and considered which might be most suitable for you/others 
    • Gained a collection of imaginative and creative recipes to easily enable you to include more supportive foods into your repertoire. 
    • Discussed real life examples to embed understanding where appropriate 
    • Gained answers to your questions from a highly experienced home cook and nutritional therapist 

    Programme overview

    Available below.

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    What's included?

    • (Electronic link to) Presentation materials 
    • Drinks and light refreshments 
    • Time-saving tips and resources  
    • Easy and delicious recipes that can be made with minimal cooking skills and adapted to provide a range of healthy meals 
    • Opportunity to taste some of the recipes 
    • The chance to interact with highly experienced speaker and gain answers and ideas pertinent to your work 
    • An opportunity to network with other nutrition and complementary medicine practitioners interested in nutrition for women’s health  

    Who is this course for?

    • Members of the public wanting more information about ways to help support their health during their fertile years 
    • All health care and other practitioners who want to be able to give some basic nutrition pointers to their clients 
    • Nutritional therapists, nutritionists, dieticians and students who want more ideas regarding how they can help their clients incorporate supportive foods 

    How will I be taught?

    The day will include short talks from Belinda interspersed with practical food preparation demonstrations, discussions and real life examples. This is not a cooking day, but you will taste-test many of the foods and products. Technical language may be used at times.

    Space is limited to 26 participants. You will be provided with handouts, recipes and references/ a bibliography. 

    Materials will be provided electronically approximately two weeks before the course.    

    Lecturer Description 

    Who will teach this course?

    Belinda Blake DipION, NTC, mBANT, CNHC 

    Belinda Blake is an experienced nutritional therapist and lecturer with a passion for food and a creative approach to teaching. She has long been fascinated by the traditions behind the use of foods for healing and so her workshops not only embrace the science that helps us to understand their properties, but also their rich anecdotal histories. 

    Belinda has a special interest in working with children and teenagers in her clinic and in local schools, running workshops, combining nutrition and mindfulness, to help support stress management during the exam period. 

    Good to know 

    • Registration starts at 9:30AM
    • Please check you have read ION’s FAQs including our cancellation and refund policy before booking
    • If registering as a student, ID proof will be required on the day. Failure to bring proof will result in the full price of the event being invoiced
    • Price includes drink and light refreshments throughout the day. Lunch is not provided but there is a fantastic selection of cafes and restaurants within a 5 minute walk as well as a range of independent and high street shops and attractive outdoor spaces, including a section along the River Thames.
    • Use of public transport is advised. There is no free parking in the immediate area. For full parking details visit the Richmond Council website
    • An electronic link to course materials/handouts (if any) will be provided approximately two weeks in advance. If you book less than 14 working days before the course you may have to wait a few days to receive the link. If you book less than 5 working days before the course, we cannot guarantee that you will receive the link until after the course
    • In order to reduce our global footprint, hard copies of materials will not be provided on the day
    • If you have an issue making a booking please email us [email protected]   

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