Nutrition Sciences 1

Biochemistry, physiology and internal anatomy | Introduction to the systems approach and using the Functional Medicine model | Role of nutrition science in an integrated approach to health | Introduction to academic literacy and academic integrity skills

Principles of Nutrition

An introduction to philosophies, principles and standards underpinning nutritional therapy practice | Food composition | Factors affecting food choice | Factors influencing the nutritional value of foods for individuals, throughout the life cycle | Dietary models | An introduction to reflective practice, and personal learning planning (PLP) | Developing academic integrity, and academic literacy skills

Nutrition Sciences 2

Biochemistry, physiology and internal anatomy | Systems approach using Functional Medicine model | Research skills development | Review of Functional Medicine approach

Clinical Analysis

An introduction to clinical practice using the Functional Medicine framework for paper-based case analysis in preparation for consultations | Dietary analysis and menu planning strategies for implementing evidence-based, safe and legal nutritional programmes | Communication skills | Development of reflective practice skills

Assessments you’ll have

Essay Plan | Mini essay | PowerPoint presentation with referenced notes | Essay | Case analysis | Reflection using a personal development plan