Nutritional Therapeutics

A critical exploration of nutritional therapeutic approaches to complex and boundaried health conditions | Using critical appraisal of research to stay ahead in a rapidly changing field

Functional & Diagnostic Testing

A critical understanding of laboratory tests available to Nutritional Therapists to determine selection of laboratories and test(s) | Interpretation of test results used in specific clinical situations

Practice Management

Prepare students or graduates to start their nutritional therapy or CAM business | Cover the practical skills needed for setting up and succeeding in business, as well as the ethical and legal requirements | Introduce students and graduates to the variety of opportunities that may be open to them

Clinical Practice 2*

Provide students with tools, skills and learning to become competent, lawful, safe and effective nutritional therapy practitioners who are able to practise with autonomy by achieving competency at the stated level and range of clinical practice defined in the NTC core curriculum and identified in the NOS | Develop students’ ability to reflect and engage in continual professional development | Contains compulsory supervised clinical practice

Assessments you’ll have

VIVA | Case study | Client report | Business plan | Website pages –ethics and legal practice | Portfolio of evidence | Critical literature review | Clinical practice competencies