Meat - should we eat it, bin it or fake it? We might not be able to tell the difference between real and fake meat, but can our gut? | Five a day or none? The carnivore diet and why some claim to thrive on it. | Leaky gut syndrome - is research on this 'hypothetical condition' starting to seep through? | Is someone sabotaging your efforts to be healthy? | Save our soils - could regenerative farming support our health and the environment? | Why some experts believe exercise could be 'anti-cancer medicine' from within. | Patrick Holford - health campaigner, author and ION founder - on why health paradigms must change. | Mastered five a day? Now try 30 a week. | Homemade vs. shop bought - what is best when it comes to baby food? | Plus recipes, culinary tips, news, views, kids' pages and more!