Intermittent Fasting: personalisation for better client outcomes

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This CPD course...

  • is delivered: As an online course
  • is for: Nutritional therapy practitioners, nutritionists, dietitians, naturopaths, other health care providers, and final year nutrition students interested in applying functional medicine approaches to health and wellbeing (i.e. exploring how nutrients, other foods and lifestyle factors influence the function of the body, and how to apply findings in a person–centred approach that recognises individuals’ unique differences).
  • is with: Amanda Swaine
  • spans: 1/2 day
  • provides: BANT CPD 2 hours; NNA CPD 2 hours; ION CPD 2 hours*

Intermittent fasting can be a useful protocol for supporting clients with a diverse range of issues including metabolic, gut and disease states linked to suboptimal cellular repair and autophagy, such as dementia and cancer and ageing itself. This course will identify and create intermittent fasting protocols that help optimise compliance and outcomes for clients.

Intermittent fasting compliance can be hard to achieve. Learn how to build personalised programs for clients to support specific fasting goals and to help them navigate the realities of regular fasting. Develop your recommendations using the latest science by understanding the mechanisms of systemic and cellular adaptations that happen during a fast, and the trends and recent advancements coming out of this area of research.

This course will define intermittent fasting and the key program types within time-restricted eating regimes and periodic fasts commonly used for health optimisation. It will review the latest research on the conditions they can support, including type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular health and weight management. Finally, it will outline the physiological and biological adaptations happening at a systemic and cellular level and how the various macronutrients halt the processes. This will allow to apply intermittent fasting principles to optimise client outcomes.  

ION’s courses have a strong reputation for providing evidence-informed education. This course has been structured and designed based on best practice in delivering an effective and interactive online learning experience.



What will I learn?

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Build safe, achievable Intermittent Fasting programs for your clients; by understanding the underlying mechanisms at play, and through informed program selection 
  • Help your clients avoid the common pitfalls with tactics that support specific fasting goals both inside and outside of the fasting window; including supplement timing 
  • Critically analyse the latest research to determine fasting protocols and motivate clients 
  • Critically appraise evidence-informed research in intermittent fasting, including dietary interventions and complementary lifestyle approaches

What will be covered?


  • Webinar waiting room opened

Session 1: 10.00am-11.00 am  

  • ION introductions and housekeeping 
  • Define intermittent fasting and the key program types
  • A review of key conditions and outcomes fasting supports and contraindications 
  • Individual exercise. Reflection on which intermittent fasting protocol would be most appropriate for you (or your client).
  • Physiological and biological adaptations happening at a systemic and cellular level 
  • Session key points
  • Q and A

Session 2:  11.10 am – 12.15pm

  • Trends and recent advancements in and around Intermittent Fasting
  • Individual exercise. Share your 3 key words you will carry on researching
  • Building safe, achievable Intermittent Fasting program for your clients 
  • Avoiding the common pitfalls of fasting with tactics that support specific fasting goals
  • A review of complementary practices 
  • Session key points. Daily stress test: take the test. What would you add for your clients?
  • Q and A

Who is leading the course?

Amanda Swaine DipION, BANT, CNHC

A nutritional therapist and business owner specialising in intermittent fasting. Her company, Nutritionist’s Blend, exists to make intermittent fasting easier for more of us. They do this by creating products inspired by the very latest nutritional science that makes the daily reality of fasting easier. In June 2018 FASTING+ fasting sticks launched and attracted many fans. In March, 2020 Amanda’s book Intermittent Fasting for Beginners launched across the US, Canada and the UK into major retailers such as Barnes & Noble, Amazon and Blackwells, and has been well received by readers. She continues to delve into the very latest research to inspire new products, content and to support individual clients with their intermittent fasting needs.

How will I be taught?

ION’s courses reflect best practice for online teaching and learning practice. We aim to offer a variety of interactive formats to support you with participating in online events. We also provide regular review and recap sessions and encourage critical thinking and reflection. 

The course will include online presentations interspersed with individual exercises and Q&A.

How much does it cost and what’s included?

The course price is £48.00.

  • Live online course and ability to ask some questions (within set time)
  • PDF of Powerpoint(s)
  • Edited recording available to view for 90 days
  • Confirmation of attendance and ION CPD 2 hours*
  • BANT CPD 2 hours, NNA CPD 2 hours ION CPD 2 hours

Important information


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What should I do if a course is full?

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  • Where indicated in the programme, a recording of the course will be available a few weeks after the course to view for 90 days


  • Participation in an ION CPD course forms part of a practitioner's or individual's ongoing learning. It does not qualify a non-clinically trained practitioner or individual to work in a clinical setting. Individual’s boundaries of safe work, advice or practice are primarily determined by their formal qualifications and related personal insurance.
  • ION does not send out certificates for live online courses
  • * ION will send an automatic confirmation of attendance providing 2 hours of ION CPD when a participant has been present for the duration of the course (as reported via the online platform)

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