Nourishing The Neurodivergent Brain

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This CPD course...

  • is delivered: As an online course
  • is for: Nutritional therapy practitioners, nutritionists, dieticians, naturopaths, psychiatrists, medical doctors, mental health nurses, other health care providers and final year nutrition students interested in applying functional medicine approaches to health and well-being (i.e. exploring how nutrients, other foods and lifestyle factors influence the function of the body and how to apply findings in a person–centred manner that recognises individuals’ unique differences)
  • is with: Lucinda Miller 
  • spans: 1 day
  • provides: BANT CPD 5 hours, NNA CPD 5 hours, ION CPD 5 hours*

This online course helps to educate nutrition professionals and final year nutrition students on the intricacies of working with neurodivergent adults and children. This information will empower the listener to help support the plethora of comorbidities which can go alongside dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD and autism. These include highly selective eating, emotional dysregulation and burnout, difficulty sleeping, gut issues such as reflux and constipation, hypermobility and chronic pain; as well as the interplay with a diet high in ultra-processed foods and chronic inflammation, infections and allergies.

Neurodivergent folk often bring with them complexity over and above most other conditions in terms of their test results – you often will be challenged with a combination of gut dysbiosis, mitochondrial dysfunction, a high histamine state with high oxalates and high glutamate alongside, as well as multiple nutrient deficiencies. So where do you start first?

Practical complexities may also be prominent be due to highly restrictive eating, a very strong view on what they will or will not be able to change and they can sometimes be disorganized and unable to stick to a health plan.  

This course will start with explaining what neurodivergence is, how prevalent it is and the comorbidities that can often go alongside. 

It will then dig deep into how nutrition can play a role, and learn about the influence of chronic inflammation, infections and allergies and then the key nutrients needed to support and how to optimize neurotransmitters created in the gut. 

Examples of the questions it will answer include:

  • Signs and symptoms of nutrient depletions
  • Which lab tests to suggest
  • How to unpick a complex case. 

Finally, it will bring in some case histories and happy outcomes from both neurodivergent children and adults.



What will I learn?

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Create health plans and programs for your neurodivergent clients that are easy to action
  • Apply research findings into your work to create client compliance
  • Choose laboratory tests and supplements with greater confidence
  • Avoid potential pitfalls when it comes to highly selective eating
  • Be more confident in supporting your clients through interpreting complex results
  • Keep your client motivated and to continue working with you in the longer term

What will be covered?


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Session 1: 10.00am - 11.15am Introduction and definition to neurodivergence

  • ION introductions and housekeeping
  • What is neurodivergence? How prevalent is it? Learn the comorbidities that can often go alongside
  • Why do most neurodivergent people need additional nutritional support
  • The nuts and bolts of nutrition for neurodivergence
  • The role of ultra-processed foods and how these can affect the brain
  • Session key points and a few questions to check participants’ understanding of the session
  • Q and A

Session 2: 11.15am - 12.45pm Chronic inflammation, and an out of sync immune system

  • What is chronic inflammation and why is it relevant to neurodivergent people? 
  • How to spot inflammation through body signs and lab testing. 
  • What do I mean by an out of sync immune system? 
  • Infections, autoimmunity and atopy (to include PANS/PANDAS) 
  • Session key points and a few questions to check participants’ understanding of the session
  • Q and A

Session 3: 13.45pm - 15.00pm Key brain nutrients 

  • Omazing omegas and phospholipids
  • Mighty minerals – iron, zinc:copper balance, and magnesium 
  • Vital vitamins – Fat soluble
  • B vitamins and methylation
  • Session key points and a few questions to check participants’ understanding of the session
  • Q and A

Session 4: 15.30pm - 16.30pm The Gut-Brain Connection

  • Why is the gut called our second brain?
  • The role of the microbiome and neurotransmitters 
  • Examples of why lactobacillus and bifidobacterium are key 
  • Bad bugs – bacteria, yeast and parasites
  • Case studies x 3 using organic acid/amino acid, stool testing and hair testing 
  • Session key points and a few questions to check participants’ understanding of the session 
  • Q and A

Who is leading the course?

Lucinda Miller MGNI, MRNI, MH, FMU, AFMCP

Lucinda Miller is the clinical lead of NatureDoc, and she runs a team of UK-wide nutritional therapists specialising in family nutrition and neurodivergence. She has been practising as a naturopath for over 25 years, is qualified in Functional Medicine, and is the author of the bestselling cookbooks The Good Stuff and I Can’t Believe It’s Baby Food. Also, look out for Brain Brilliance, due to be published in late summer 2024. Lucinda has lectured several times for ION and CNM on the subjects of child development and neurodiversity. Lucinda has recently released an online course called  Nutrition for Autism, which focuses on optimizing nutrition for autistic children, she also currently runs a course on nutrition for ADHD. She is the mum of three and lives in Wiltshire, UK. 

How will I be taught?

ION’s courses reflect best practice for online teaching and learning practice.  We aim to offer a variety of interactive formats to support you with participating in online events.  We also provide regular review and recap sessions and encourage critical thinking and reflection. 

The course will include online presentations interspersed with individual exercises and Q&A 

How much does it cost and what’s included?

  • The course price is £125.00
  • The ability to ask some questions (within set times)
  • PDF of Powerpoint
  • Edited webinar recording, available for 90 days
  • Confirmation of attendance and 5 hours ION CPD (for participants who are present for the duration of the course)
  • BANT CPD 5 hours, NNA CPD 5 hours

Important information


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What should I do if a course is full?

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  • Participation in an ION CPD course forms part of a practitioner's or individual's ongoing learning. It does not qualify a non-clinically trained practitioner or individual to work in a clinical setting. Individual’s boundaries of safe work, advice or practice are primarily determined by their formal qualifications and related personal insurance.
  • ION does not send out certificates for live online courses

* ION will send an automatic confirmation of attendance providing 5 hours of ION CPD when a participant has been present for the duration of the course (as reported via the online platform)

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