What is Food as Fuel?

Food as Fuel is a bite-sized video series of 8 episodes, providing facts about nutrition and health in a clear and accessible way, so you can begin to think about what is right for you.


Why has ION created this free video series?

The impact that nutrition has on health outcomes in relation to Covid-19, diabetes and other chronic illnesses has been highlighted by both government and health professionals. At the Institute for Optimum Nutrition it is our mission to educate, enthuse and instil optimum nutrition as the foundation of health, and we want to debunk the myths and false information about healthy nutrition. Optimal health comes from a positive and informed understanding of nutrition and lifestyle, and we want to help you to access this. As a not-for-profit organisation, our vision is “optimum nutrition for all”, and so this short series will give you the foundation of some key facts that are easily digestible and not rocket science!


How do I access the videos?

Click on the Food as Fuel button to register and to receive each episode or the full series.


What if I have trouble accessing the videos?

Please email us at [email protected] if you have any access issues.