GDip Integrative Functional Nutrition

Modular options based on a personalised and functional medicine approach


The Graduate Diploma in Integrative Functional Nutrition consists of six core modules. They are all based on a personalised and functional medicine approach.

In turn, the modules build your knowledge in critical areas linked to nutrition.

You will:

  • explore dietary, nutraceutical and lifestyle approaches to optimising health. 
  • learn how to appraise the tools available to collect and interpret client data
  • identify how to elicit behaviour change. 

Learning is shared and discussed with peers and tutors in online group seminars. 

You will contextualise your learning within your own practice and the boundaries set by your professional bodies/regulators, identifying future opportunities once qualified, to enhance your professional practice.  


  • Functional Nutrition

  • Behaviour Change in Nutrition and Lifestyle Practice

  • Modulation of Detoxification and Gastrointestinal Function

  • Modulation of Neuroendocrine Function

  • Modulation of Cardiometabolic Function

  • Modulation of Immune Function 


You will be set a range of case history- and practice-focused module assignments that assess evidence-informed critical thinking and reflection, and the application of personalised nutrition and lifestyle medicine to practice.

There are no exams in this course.

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