Nutritional therapy degree top-up

Top up to a degree in just 18 months with four core modules


If you are eligible to take the top up degree, then you can enter directly at the equivalent of Level 6 of our degree programme.

There are four core modules you will need to complete in order to gain your BSc (Hons) Nutritional Therapy.

All modules are available online only.


Level 6 study modules for the top up degree

Through these modules, you will explore and critique the theory and practice of behaviour change and alternative models of practice, as well as discover tools to enhance your practice by using reflection when considering your career portfolio. You will finish with a targeted research project.

You must take the following four core modules:

Models of Nutrition and Lifestyle Practice

In this business module, you will hone your business skills and practices, providing different ways of working and a clear understanding of how to monetise these. This module takes an in-depth look at different models of working, including online practice, group and community-based work. There are lots of practical workshops giving you the opportunity to try things out, so that you are fully ready to implement your learning in your own business.

Behaviour Change in Nutrition and Lifestyle Practice

In this module, you will learn a variety of different techniques and ways of working with people to help them achieve success. This includes learning elements of psychology so that you can understand why people behave as they do and develop motivation skills to support your clients to embark on their journey of change. This understanding then drives the way you develop your practice and consultations. It will be supported by the questioning techniques, apps and tools you learn to use with clients to enable them to get the best outcomes and make your practice more successful.

Research Skills

This module develops your research, ethics and governance skills, enabling you to undertake a research project. 

Research Project

In your research project, you will develop a deeper understanding of research methodology and the ability to communicate your findings to a professional audience.


If you have any concerns about these modules or the study involved, book a call or visit Learning experience to learn more about all of the support on offer at ION. 


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