Our friendly and professional therapists can support you with a range of health concerns and help you get your health back on track.


There are three levels of packages to choose from:

  • Experienced registered nutritional therapist
    For those clients with more complex health conditions we offer consultation packages with one of our experienced therapists. Our experience therapists have at least two years' experience of working with a broad range of complex health concerns with clients from all over the world. 

  • Graduate nutritional therapist
    Every year upon completion of their studies we offer a select number of graduates the opportunity to join our clinic as newly qualified practitioners to offer low cost consultations to clients with a wide variety of health concerns. Our graduate therapists are fully qualified and registered practitioners who benefit from ongoing supervision from our senior therapists.

  • Supervised student nutritional therapist
    As a training institute, ION offers a limited number of supervised student therapist appointments, where students who are in the final year of their diploma or degree work with and support clients, whilst being fully supervised by tutors and qualified therapists. If you are interested in this option please contact us on (+44) 020 8614 7822 for more details. 



How does it work?

For most clients, we recommend two to three sessions as a minimum.

This includes, your initial consultation, plus follow up appointments, which allow time to test, review and adapt your personalised practical plan and provide ongoing support to help you make the required changes to improve your health and wellbeing.

We will take the following approach in most cases:

  • Health questionnaire
    A questionnaire will be emailed to you for completion before your first appointment. It includes a food diary and asks questions about your current health.
  • Initial assessment
    Your therapist will review your history and health questionnaire. The core issues will be discussed and initial diet and lifestyle recommendations will be made. Some optional tests or nutrition supplements may also be recommended if appropriate.
  • Second and third follow up appointments
    Your therapist will monitor your progress, and offer practical support following on from the recommendations made at your initial appointment. A personalised summary of your nutrition and lifestyle recommendations will be provided each session or via email.



How much will it cost?

Our flexible packages are designed to offer the best treatment at the best price for each client, the table below outlines are core packages and the associated costs.

Graduate nutritional
Experienced nutritional therapist
Fees for 1 consultation N/A £100  £140
Fees for 2 consultations £60 £180 £260
Fees for 3 consultations £80 £240 £360


How do I book?

We want to make sure you see the right therapist for your needs, so offer a free 10 minute telephone consultation to discuss any specific requirements that you may have. We can then recommend the right nutritional therapist for you. Read more about our Nutritional Therapists and Clinical Team.

Simply call us on (+44) 020 8614 7822 or contact us.

Please read through our FAQs and cancellation policy before booking your appointment.