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Welcome to the Institute for Optimum Nutrition (ION). In these changing times, it’s never been more important to look after our physical and mental wellbeing, and a varied diet can be an important step towards this. We’ve been supporting people with nutritional wellbeing since 1984 and have a range of ways for you to get started with us.


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Bite-size learning

Food as Fuel: the bite-size video course about nutrition: (for beginners)

A varied diet can be crucial for supporting your physical and mental wellbeing. Through our bite-size videos, discover small changes with the aim of making a lasting impact.

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Free Optimum Nutrition magazine: (intermediate level)

Hungry for the latest nutrition news, updates and information? Sign up to receive free access to our quarterly magazine, Optimum Nutrition, designed to help you to understand the importance of nutrition and its impact on health and wellbeing.

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Consult an expert at ION

Optimum Nutrition Clinic: eat well, live well, be well

Whatever your health issue, our nutritional therapists will help you to find out how to improve your health, naturally and safely. Conditions we work with include:

Colds and infections | Extreme fatigue (tired all the time) | Female Health | Fertility concerns | Food sensitivities | Headaches and migraines | Hormonal imbalances | Immunity issues | Preventative health | Skin problems | Sleep problems | Stress and anxiety | Thyroid issues | Weight loss

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The Brain Bio Centre: supporting mental wellbeing through nutrition

The Brain Bio Centre specialises in supporting you with a wide range of mental health concerns. We combine nutrition with health science to help optimise your mental wellbeing. Conditions we support include: 

Depression | Anxiety | Learning and behavioural issues (in both children and adults) | Cognitive decline | Psychotic disorder | Various neurological conditions

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Become a nutritional therapist

Find out more about this rewarding career: from the flexibility to the varied opportunities you can enjoy, all while helping others with their wellbeing. At ION, we’ve been training people in nutritional therapy for over 35 years. Will you be the next?

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