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Becoming a registered nutritional therapist is not just about seeing clients in clinic, although that’s often what first springs to mind when people think about nutritional therapy. There are various career paths that can be pursued, once qualified, and often nutritional therapists will find themselves undertaking an array of tasks during their working week, to suit their passions and interests.

Here are some of the different career pathways that being a nutritional therapist may involve:

Clinical practice

You might work alone or as part of a team of other health professionals in a practice. You get to meet clients one-to-one and help them with improving their health or overcoming serious health isssues. 

Teaching or training

Some people find that they enjoy the teaching side and choose to continue their study so that they can lecture in nutritional therapy or focus on running training courses for the public in specific areas on which they wish to focus. 

Writing books

Some nutritional therapists want to share their knowledge through magazines and books (Amelia Freer is one of our graduates and Patrick Holford our founder). This might involve sharing your own story or writing about your area of expertise, to help people who are struggling.

Product development

Some nutritional therapists want to bring products to the market, such as health foods and supplements. Alternatively, you may collaborate with organisations that need your expert advice on developing their own products, such as healthy food products or supplements.

Wellbeing retreats

Another option is hosting health or wellbeing holidays where people go for relaxation, detoxification and to unwind. These can take place in the UK or across the world and can incorporate a variety of disciplines such as massage, yoga, fitness and nutritional therapy.


As you get more experienced, you might get the opportunity to appear on local or national television or radio. This might be to discuss a current topic or to appear as an expert. Jenni Tschiesche is one of several of our graduates who have done exactly that and appeared on TV.


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