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Online webinars

  • CPD on-demand | Thrive During the Menopause – A Functional Nutrition Approach

    This is a recording of a live course. It will provide a detailed look at the impact declining hormone levels have on all body systems including mitochondria, bone, brain, heart and metabolism and discuss nutritional intervention to support your clients. Read more

  • CPD on-demand | Men’s Health – An Undiagnosed Epidemic

    This is a recording of a live course. This course will provide a deep-dive into the issues surrounding men’s health for both physical and mental aspects. It identifies how these are linked and why there is a disparity between men’s health, life expectancy and rates of mental health problems. Read more

  • CPD on-demand | Functional Testing: A deep dive into the Organic Acids test, Mycotox and GPL-Tox panels

    This is a recording of a live course. The course will provide information on how to demystify these tests by walking you through all three panels in careful detail so that you walk away feeling confident in your ability to start using them in your practice. Read more

Latest articles

  • Green Shakshuka

    You don't need to be following Petronella Ravenshear's HBD (Human Being Diet) plan to enjoy this traditional Middle Eastern breakfast from her HBD Cookbook. A great way to get your greens in the morning! Read more

  • Chronobiology: how important is 'when we eat'?

    Our body clocks are central to a complex web of biological processes. So, when should we eat for optimum health? Does it matter if we eat irregularly, skip breakfast, eat late dinners, or snack? The answer is more nuanced than we might imagine. Read more

  • Relieving the symptoms of childhood eczema, naturally

    To mark National Eczema Week, we’ve delved deep into our magazine archives to find a case study about eczema from the Winter 2014/15 issue of Optimum Nutrition. Read more