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  • CPD on-demand | Intermittent Fasting: personalisation for better client outcomes

    This is a recording of a live course. This course will define intermittent fasting and the key program types within time-restricted eating regimes and periodic fasts commonly used for health optimisation. Read more

  • CPD on-demand | Hypermobility & The Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes: Clinical considerations

    This is a recording of a live course. It will provide the chance to learn about the multi-system nature of The Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes. It will then explore the potential challenges & mis-diagnosis clients & practitioners face in managing the symptoms of EDS/HSD. Read more

  • CPD on-demand | Unravelling IBS – A functional Nutrition Perspective

    This is a recording of a live course. It will provide you with an overview of IBS and SIBO and related conditions and discuss testing, dietary and lifestyle intervention, and the role of nutritional supplementation. Read more

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  • 7 fabulous facts about asparagus

    Asparagus is in season right now – but how much do you know about this pointy vegetable? Read more

  • The lowdown on low stomach acid

    Stomach acid is an important part of digestion. Most of us try to avoid having too much, because it can cause heartburn and acid reflux, but too little stomach acid can also be problematic. Read more

  • Peach, Plum & Spelt Galette

    If you're in the mood for a spot of baking, you might like to try out this fruity galette recipe from nutritional therapist and ION graduate May Knight. Ready, set... bake! Read more