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Online webinars

  • CPD on-demand | Long Covid: A framework for improving energy and resolving inflammation

    This is a recording of a live course. This course with Dr Sarah Myhill explains the clinical picture of long Covid including the biochemistry and physiology by which the body generates energy. It provides a clinical framework for reducing fatigue and addressing inflammation- like symptoms. Read more

  • CPD on-demand | Nutrition for Children’s Health

    This is a recording of a live course. It explain the key dietary and nutrient needs for feeding a child’s brain, immune system and gut and the science behind this for each stage of development from conception onwards. Read more

  • CPD on-demand | 3 day course - Cancer: Nutritional support before, during and after treatment and beyond

    This is a recording of a live course. ION’s updated three day course aims to help practitioners gain confidence across a range of cancers by setting a foundation for further understanding and exploration. Read more

Latest articles

  • How to make the perfect omelette

    Making an omelette – seasoning beaten eggs and throwing them into a pan – may be easy, but getting it ‘right’ is something else entirely. Read more

  • Woody O'Rourke: football with Down syndrome

    Natalie O’Rourke MBE talks to Louise Wates about how playing football has been a turning point for her son Woody, who has Down syndrome – and how it almost never happened. Read more

  • Bowel Cancer Link With Sugary Drinks

    Bowel cancer rates are rising among young adults; Dame Deborah James recently passed away from bowel cancer aged just 40. As many ask how to spot the signs, we ask: how might we reduce our risk? One factor may be found in sugary drinks: high fructose corn syrup. Read more