GDip Integrative Functional Nutrition

Every graduate diploma student has their own mixture of learning styles

We’re hear to harness them to help you succeed


We deliver the graduate diploma utilising a variety of methods designed to support your learning in this new and exciting area of study. We will always ensure it is clear how it links back to your practice. 

What you can expect during your studies at ION

We want to support your learning and progress. We achieve this in four ways:

  • Experienced teaching staff who are expert and active researchers in their fields
  • Varied and extensive learning materials to accommodate all learning styles  
  • Interactive and stimulating lessons and teaching techniques
  • Multiple methods of support – we are always available to answer your questions or concerns


Distance learning at its optimum

As an online course, we understand you may worry about feeling supported or, perhaps, falling behind. We want to assure you that we offer a wide variety of teaching tools to help you succeed. 

Every lecture is recorded. The lecture recordings give you the opportunity to watch at your convenience, to embed and enhance your learning and understanding.

There are also:

  • Personal tutorials
  • Guided online tutor and peer-to-peer discussions
  • Fieldwork debriefing group sessions 
  • Regular contact with module coordinators and the course leaders via email, phone and video sessions.

We will ensure that you get all the academic and pastoral guidance and support you need to succeed.   

Student support

With our extensive experience of delivering training online, we also understand the importance of effective student support, both academic and pastoral. As a result, we offer a range of academic and non-academic support to our students, to help you get the most out of your studies.

Get in touch

Our expectations and your commitment

It is recommended that you undertake 12 hours (for the full-time course) or 6 hours (for the part-time course) of personal study each week. 

We encourage you to engage with course forums and to become an active member of the student body, as this will enhance your experience and support your learning. 

Continual improvement

Feedback is important to us and we continually look to improve what we do. You will have direct communication with our Dean. Student-elected representatives meet with the faculty and academic support services at biannual Student Voice committees. In addition, every student has a personal tutor and access to planned group tutorials.

Have any questions? 

Book a call with a course advisor


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