Nutritional Therapy Diploma Course - DipION

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  • Ready to become a fully qualified Nutritional Therapist?

    The Nutritional Therapy Diploma Course - DipION (NTDC) combines the latest theoretical knowledge from the science of nutrition with “real-world” clinical training to help you build an in-depth understanding of the role that nutrition plays in relation to human health and wellbeing.

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  • Key facts




    3 years part time

    Study time

    15-20 hours per week plus weekend lectures

    Course code
    aNTDC, eNTDC

    Entry dates

    September: aNTDC, eNTDC
    February: eNTDC

    Tuition fees

    £4,500 per year

Student Review

  • Jenny’s typical day

    "Since graduating from ION I have discovered that there are a wealth of opportunities in the world of nutrition,  the upside to what I do is that there's huge variety, no day is similar to the previous day. I absolutely love my work, I have been doing this since I started this course over 15 years ago, and finished it about ten years ago. Since then I have found so many things that I love to do within the world of nutrition and nutritional therapy. I am a nutritional therapist and also a best-selling author, a presenter at lots of workshops and seminars all over the country and abroad, and I also develop recipes for brands like the BBC, campaigns for cancer research, but also for food brands and food equipment brands. A typical day in the life of Jenny Tscheische is often an hour or so on social media, maybe an hours blogging and an hour or so of email,  but then interspersed between all of those regular things are lots of irregular things."

    Jenny Tscheische  ION Alumni

  • A great blend of online and lectures

    "I think the best thing about ION, apart from the fascinating subject and really comprehensive curriculum was the blend between the remote study access, and the on-site monthly weekend lectures. At first I didn't really appreciate how much I would value those on-site lectures, I thought it's time-consuming, you have the travel expense and other things, but as I got into the course I realised how valuable those were to me. They allow you to engage directly with the module leaders and the lecturers, but more importantly to establish relationships and friendships with your fellow students, who after all are your colleagues in the nutrition industry post-graduation. And three years, on I'm happy to say I still have many of those friendships and relationships, and I've gotten a number of really important opportunities from my fellow alumni."

    Mike Murphy  ION Alumni

  • Clinical practice is invaluable

    "I found the support services at ION were absolutely fantastic doing the e-learning course, I used the online platform RelION which was great to use. Not only did I have the modules to work through online, I also had access to the attendance lectures that would help consolidate my knowledge. We also had support from the tutors through webinars and forums, and we could speak to the tutors over the phone, the tutors were also academically very knowledgeable and understanding; and on a personal level were very friendly and approachable. The best things about studying with ION was the flexibility, it was also using the online platform to study with at home, it was also engaging with current up-to-date research, and the invaluable experience of clinical practice in the third year."

    Sally Mortimore  ION Alumni