Nutritional Therapy Science Access Course

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  • Nutrition. It all starts with Science.

    The Nutritional Therapy Science Access Course (NTSAC) aims to give students a solid grounding in the core science subjects that relate to nutrition, and is the first step towards becoming a fully qualified Nutritional Therapist.

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  • Key facts



    7-9 months

    Study time

    15-20 hours per week and weekend lectures

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    Entry dates

    October: aNTSAC, eNTSAC 
    January: aNTSAC, eNTSAC
    May: eNTSAC

    Tuition fees

    £2,900 per course

Student Review

  • "From the moment I took my first overview of the ION website, I knew I had found the right course for me. I felt excited but a little nervous. However, I was so impressed with the depth of information and support i was offered before enrolling and throughout my studies. ION always picked me up just as I started to doubt myself. Covering such an expanse of information, learning new and exciting things about the sciences, it became clear that this course opens your mind to a whole new level of thinking. I have enjoyed my learning journey and I have found the tutors both inspiring and nurturing. I'm looking forward to continuing being a part of this vibrant and forward thinking Institute."

    Layla Gordon – Science Access student 
    June 2018

  • "I did a lot of research into different courses and found that ION was the most highly accredited course available. I spoke to local nutritional therapists and found that all of them had studied with ION so I felt confident that this was the best place for me.
    In particular, I found the flexibility that ION offered really suited my lifestyle, especially being a parent of two small children. The best thing about my course with ION, in addition to the flexibility, was the vast amount of content that is covered in each module.
    One of the best things about ION is being part of the nutritional therapies community. There is a culture of working together, with lots of support, and it's really fun. I've learnt an awful lot in a very short space of time and the staff have made it as easy as possible for me"

    Sue Bosket – Science Access student

  • "The fact that the NTSAC diploma is continually linked with nutrition, so I understood why I needed to manage with fields such as chemistry, biology, physiology and anatomy which were completely unknown for me. It has been an amazing journey which I would never have thought possible when I was in high school. The support has been great!!! There is always somebody available by mail or ready to have a phone call for any problem or request I may have (even silly questions!). Whether it is administrative or course content concerns. ION is the best support to gain knowledge and develop professional skills. By studying with the Institute, you will reach your goal to educate people about healthier eating."

    Isabelle Bouclier – International Science Access student

  • "Natascha has been hugely supportive throughout my studies so far at ION. She has been quick to respond to my academic cries for help during a tricky year personally, helping me structure my learning, suggesting I break it down into manageable chunks and gently but firmly steering me in the right direction when it seemed life issues were so overwhelming that I felt like giving up my studies. Her encouragement of, and belief in me, has helped me believe in myself and my abilities despite the fact that it’s been 30 years since I last wrote an essay. She is an excellent tutor and an asset to ION."

    Science Access student
    August 2017

  • "Now the NTSAC course has finished for me, I just wanted to write and tell you how much I have enjoyed completing it, although I have to admit, there were some days where I wondered what on earth I’d let myself in for…..I’ve found all the work challenging and extremely interesting and I’m really looking forward to the next 3 years of the diploma course!! 

    I also wanted to say 'thank you' to you for being so warm and engaging. Being on the e-learning course can sometimes feel rather isolating but the recorded presentations and the webinars you ran were great, especially the help you gave for the essay."

    E.H Science Access student
    June 2018

  • "I’ve just started Unit 1 and am already finding it incredibly helpful. Organic Chemistry looks really interesting. I’ve been looking for a course like this for so long that isn’t a retake of a GCSE or an A-Level. I don’t have much knowledge of chemistry aside from my GCSE’s so I’m catching up after a decade without revision! 

    I imagine I will go onto the biology module after completing the refresher in Chemistry."

    Charlotte Harbour – Science Access Refresher
    July 2018