Nutrigenomics: A Simplified Approach

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This CPD course...

  • is delivered: As an online on-demand-video from a live course
  • is for: Nutritional therapy practitioners, nutritionists, dieticians, naturopaths, other health care providers and final year nutrition students interested in applying functional medicine approaches to health and well-being (i.e. exploring how nutrients, other foods and lifestyle factors influence the function of the body and how to apply findings in a person–centred manner that recognises individuals’ unique differences)
  • is with: Anne Pemberton
  • spans: 5 hours recording time
  • provides: BANT CPD 5 hours, NNA CPD 5 hours

This course will simplify the use and understanding of nutrigenomics practice. It aims to achieve that by taking you on a journey from your choice of nutrigenomic and appropriate functional testing to confirm expression and the reason for such expression. It will then take you systematically through the key pathways highlighting potential areas of concern and the optimum way of addressing imbalances in those pathways. A case study will used a in the final session to give attendees the opportunity to practice a nutrigenomic case analysis. 

Specifically, this course will help attendees understand key conditions and situations that underpin gene expression. It will then talk attendees through pathways and specific genes that have the potential to negatively impact health.

In particular, it will help attendees understand the genes related to:

  • Gut function / methylation / food intolerance / gut microbiome and the cycles associated with these
  • The Sulphation cycle, Biopterin cycle and hormones
  • The Folate and methionine cycles 

The course will define and help the attendees to understand the purpose of each pathway and how the pathway intersect and support each other, alongside providing the causes of gene expression and impact of gene expression.

It will also provide the opportunity to understand key conditions and situations that underpin gene expression. It will then talk attendees through pathways and specific genes that have the potential to negatively impact health. 

Finally, it will consider simple approaches to address health challenges through a nutrigenomic approach and will also discuss the marketing aspect and costing for the service.

Examples of the questions it will answer: 

  • Which pathways can be problematic for the practitioner and how do we address those pathways safely? 
  • Which conditions may underpin methylation defects / gene expression? 
  • What are the specifics I need to know to allow me to offer something over and above the normal offering?



What will I learn?

By the end of the recording you will be able to:

  • Create impactful programmes that make a different to those clients with intractable illness.
  • Apply new research findings in your approach to complex or multifaceted conditions. 
  • Choose appropriate functional tests and supplements that support your cases with greater confidence.
  • Avoid potential pitfalls such as dopamine trapping, poor ability to detoxify or breakdown hormones and neurotransmitters once their role has completed. 
  • Be more confident in supporting your clients through nutrigenomics and functional testing to find their root cause/s
  • Provide useful reports, recommendations and ongoing health markers to Keep your client motivated

What will be covered?

Session 1: (approx. 1 hr 21 mins) Nutrigenomics overview, exploring varied gene expression.

  • ION introductions and  housekeeping 
  • Nutrigenomics overview
  • FUT2 and microbiome; Food intolerance related genes 
  • Individual exercise and short Q and A 
  • Genes that may determine histamine difficulties – DAO, HNMT, MAO, ALDH
  • Session key points and a few questions to check participants’ understanding of the session
  • Q and A 

Session 2: (approx 1hr 40mins) In depth exploration of the Methylation cycle.

  • The purpose and function of the methylation cycles
  • Overview of Transsulfuration, biopterin, thyroid
  • Individual exercise and short Q and A 
  • The purpose and function of folate, methylation and PEMT
  • Session key points and a few questions to check participants’ understanding of the session 
  • Q and A 

Session 3: (approx 1hr 35mins) Analysis of genetic results with organic acids.

  • Setting of a case with genetic results and urine organic acids results to be worked on individually
  • Individual exercise and short Q and A 
  • Case studies and discussion on findings and approaches 
  • Session key points and a few questions to check participants’ understanding of the session 
  • Q and A

Session 4: (approx 25 mins) Introducing genetic testing into practice.

  • How to introduce genetic testing into clinical practice  
  • Individual exercise and short Q and A
  • Demonstration of some available extra training – Opus23, Pure encapsulations, 
  • Session key points and a few questions to check participants’ understanding of the session
  • Q and A 
  • ION wrap up and thanks

Who is leading the course?

Anne Pemberton MSc, PGCHE, PGCE(Autism), RGN, DipION, fHEA, mCNHC, fBANT, NMC

Anne is the author of the book Using Nutrigenomics within personalized nutrition, published by singing dragon.  This book forms the basis of the course. (There is a 15% discount off this book from Singing Dragon, valid from 6th December 2023 included after booking). Anne’s career spans 25 years as a specialist cardio-thoracic intensive care nurse, 6 years in applied psychology, 17 years as a functional medicine practitioner, including the teaching of nutrition and lifestyle medicine. From 2010-2017 Anne ran and developed a MSc in Nutrition science and practice at the Northern College of Acupuncture.  She is a regular contributor to IHCAN magazine and a regular conference speaker. 

Anne was blessed with a son, later diagnosed with autism. Her son’s diagnosis totally changed her career trajectory as she looked to natural therapies to support him and found herself. In 2017 Anne had her own health challenges resulting in her 4th near death experience which changed her practice once again. She now incorporates the 5-Levels of healing model into functional medicine. Since 2011 Anne has had a real passion for the study and practical application of Nutrigenomics, she co-developed the first NTEC accredited UK course Functional medicine approach to Nutrigenomics. 

Currently Anne practices as a medical intuitive working alongside a functional consciousness coach to provide a fully integrated mind-body-spirit approach to optimal health. 

How will I be taught?

ION’s CPD courses reflect best practice for online teaching and learning practice.  This is an edited recording of a live course. It contains presentations interspersed with anonymised case study data, individual exercises and recorded Q&A sessions.

How much does it cost and what’s included?

  • The course price is £95.00
  • PDF of Powerpoint(s)
  • Approx. 5 hours edited recording
  • You can access the course up to 12 times
  • BANT CPD 5 hours, NNA CPD 5 hours

Important information

About this on-demand recording

  • The speaker is not present on this recording and you will not be able to ask them questions but you will be able to see the recorded Q and A sessions.
  • This course was recorded in December 2023. All recordings are removed approximately one year after they are recorded so that we can ensure our courses contain up to date information. You will be able to access the course up to 12 times before the materials are taken down.

How do I book?

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  • Participation in an ION CPD course forms part of a practitioner's or individual's ongoing learning. It does not qualify a non-clinically trained practitioner or individual to work in a clinical setting. Individual’s boundaries of safe work, advice or practice are primarily determined by their formal qualifications and related personal insurance. 
  • This on-demand recording is recognised by BANT and the NNA for 5 hrs CPD  
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