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  • Qualified nutritional therapist fast track undergraduate degree top-up

    ION provides the only fast track pathway to an undergraduate degree in nutritional therapy using recognised prior certified and/or experiential learning (RPL) for qualified nutritional therapists.

    If you are already a nutritional therapist, ION have created a unique opportunity especially for you.
    (If you’re not yet a nutritional therapist, read about our full degree course).

    This course has an emphasis on practical and real-world skills whilst you gain additional credibility from a degree.
    "What I think is particularly beneficial about our top-up course is that, as well as enabling students to have a fast track to degree, there is also a very practical underpinning, enabling practitioners to apply the learning and see results in their business."

    Paula Werrett, Head of Undergraduate Provision

    Why upgrade to an undergraduate degree in nutritional therapy with ION:

      •  A bespoke programme, designed with your business needs in mind
      •  Untap new opportunities for your business through discovering new approaches and practical skills optimising your success
      •  Develop skills to help your clients change behaviours that will make a difference to their lives
      •  Develop your expertise through research informed practice
      •  It is a unique, cost effective way to reach degree level in Nutritional Therapy in as little as 18 months
      •  A pathway to studying at masters level and beyond

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