If you are short on cash, don’t discount some packaged foods that can be cheap and a good source of nutrition.

Here are our top picks:

1. Tinned fish

Tinned sardines and salmon provide protein, healthy fats such as omega-3s and calcium (when soft bones are eaten). Tinned tuna, whilst not considered an oily fish, is also a good protein source. Tinned fish is tasty on toast or in a sandwich, can be piled onto a baked potato or just mix with chopped cucumber, tinned sweetcorn and bell pepper for a crunchy salad.

2. Tinned beans

Tinned mixed beans in water or in sauce provide carbohydrates and fibre. Eat on their own, or mix with other ingredients.

3. Eggs

Eggs provide protein, fat, and a wealth of vitamins and minerals. They’re versatile and can be jazzed up with just one or two other ingredients.

Try this easy bubble and squeak with poached eggs

4. Nut butter

Whether peanut, almond or cashew, nut butters have a long shelf life because of their composition. They are handy on toast, bread, apple slices or crackers.

5. Wholegrain crackers 

Crackers provide a quick source of carbs and fibre, and are a good base for other ingredients.

6. Tinned lentils 

Providing protein, carbs and fibre, tinned lentils are handy for curry, soup or salads.

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