Alcohol-free G+T

If you love gin but hate headaches, try creating a non-alcoholic version by infusing water with aromatics.


  1. Bring about three cups of water (750ml), 3 tbsp crushed juniper berries, a few cardamom pods, lemon peel and a little black tea to the boil.
  2. Cool, then strain and mix with tonic and lime.

Tip: Blend with lime and frozen cucumbers for a grown-up slushie.

Rhubarb shrub

If you’re looking to create a cocktail with a ‘kick’, try making a shrub: a combo of fruit, sweetener, and vinegar to give it a tart taste.


  1. Boil up ½ kg rhubarb with sugar to taste and 500ml of water until it gains a syrupy texture, then add 200ml quality apple cider vinegar.
  2. Store in the fridge to chill and add to soda water for a refreshing, light drink.

Alcohol-free Old Fashioned

Tea can help to achieve the malty goodness of whiskey and bourbon. Use it to create a lighter version of the classic Old Fashioned (whiskey, sugar syrup and bitters).


  1. Brew barley tea (also known as mugicha, widely found at Asian supermarkets) for about 20 minutes, and chill.
  2. Add some bitters, sweetener, and a lemon twist. Enjoy.

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