Can I practice abroad as a registered nutritional therapist?

The Nutritional Therapy Diploma Course (NTDC) is recognised in the UK and you are able to practice in the UK. If you wish to practice outside of the UK, we strongly advise you seek advice from the nutritional therapy bodies and regulators of nutritional therapy in the country you wish to practice to establish if ION courses are sufficient to practice as different countries have different rules and regulations.


What career opportunities might there be?

  • Registered nutritional therapist in private practice, natural health clinics, integrated medical practices and health & fitness clubs
  • Corporate nutrition — health checks, health programmes
  • Health foods / Whole Food retail
  • Media work — health writing, blogging, radio broadcasting, and television
  • Technical advisor or sales representative — food and supplement industries or for testing/diagnostic companies
  • Product development
  • Lecturing, teaching
  • Working in the community, for charities, and social enterprise
  • Research opportunities


How do I found out about job opportunities at ION?

View our jobs page for full information.


Do you offer intern places at ION?

We offer a limited number of intern places each year and over the summer period. If you are interested in an intern position please contact [email protected]