Want to know what you can expect from a career in nutritional therapy? ION graduates share what a typical day looks like for them

When people think of  being a nutritional therapist, one-to-one appointments with clients often springs to mind.  But in reality a day in the life of a nutritional therapist is extremely varied. Our graduates look for opportunities that match their strengths and passions and create their work around this, building an  incredibly varied and fulfilling career.


Kate Cook |

“Day to day is very different. I might be in a company doing a 'gig’ or a programme or having endless cups of tea nurturing relationships with people in corporates who want to know what I do — which might never actually lead to anything. Luckily I like tea, and am genuinely curious about other people. Liking people and being liked is probably the best way to get business. Otherwise, the business doesn’t land in the lap, it is a near constant stirring of the marketing pot!”

Lily Soutter |

“Each day varies widely and no two days are ever the same, from writing articles for national papers to TV and consultancy work. I usually allocate Mondays for seeing clients for nutrition consultations in Chelsea; most days I will be carrying out a workplace wellness talk, usually within a London-based office. When working with Hello Day I host events and film education content for our wellbeing ambassadors.”

Nicola Moore |

“On clinic days, which tends to be three days a week, I’ll work with a couple of clients in the morning, then a couple more after lunch before picking up my children from school. I offer evening appointments once a week as well.

“A large part of my business is online, so I see clients via video consultation. I’ve been able to extend my clinic to people throughout the UK and internationally thanks to this, but I also see clients from my home clinic in Twickenham too. I also give talks, run seminars and support brands who approach me for project work. In addition I’m trying hard these days to help spread a positive and sensible approach to nutrition on social media, so some of my time is spent planning informative content and videos to share on Instagram and Facebook.”

Belinda Blake |

“A lot has changed. Initially, like many graduates, my main focus was on building up my clinic and seeing clients. However, an unexpected bonus of the ION course was that I first learned that I had a passion for teaching and this has strongly modelled my career path. A couple of years after graduating I returned to ION as a tutor and, in the following years, have had the benefit and pleasure of working alongside some amazing and talented people.

“Whilst I do still enjoy working with clients, I also get a great pleasure out of working with food in a more practical manner. Much of my work now involves teaching adults and children how to cook and to use healthy ingredients in a delicious way that will satisfy all tastes and will build confidence in the kitchen.”

Angelique Panagos |

“Once I qualified I opened my clinic, then started doing public speaking and corporate workshops. It wasn’t always easy — there were really long hours, for example — but it was worth it. I have always collaborated with other medical, health and wellness professionals, which has introduced me to incredible people I learn from on a daily basis. I do a lot of articles on my website and guest blogs which also led me to working in TV and writing my book. I am busy writing my second book while launching my first online programme. In addition, I work with my husband on our online paperwork solution software for nutritional therapists, called Penocchio.”

Olga Hamilton |

“There is no typical day for me. My schedule can be really crazy and in one day, I can be presenting in front of 100 people, running to clinic to see a client, having strategy and planning meetings with the Nutri-Genetix team (where I helped to develop the world’s first genetically tailored nutritionally complete meal-shakes) or spending a whole week at one of the Bodhimaya retreat venues.”


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