Slow-Cooked Roast Chicken Broth

Nicola Moore shows us how to make an appetising chicken broth - ideal if you’re feeling under the weather this wet NovemberRead more

Five Minutes with Katie Shore

We find out why barrister Katie Shore decided to retrain as a nutritional therapist with ION after working in criminal justice for more than a decade.Read more

Obesity inhibits key cancer defence mechanism

Scientists at Hokkaido University in Japan have discovered how obesity impacts a natural mechanism that usually protects against cancers.Read more

Using nutrition to feed the mind

After a brain tumour halted his career, John Lawson, a chef who has worked with the likes of Raymond Blanc and Gordon Ramsay, now puts health at the heart of his food. Louise Wates found out how he mixes nutrition with high-end cuisine, and how he got Blanc on board for charityRead more

Are hospital foods fuelling the UK obesity crisis?

It used to be tradition to take a hospital patient a bunch of grapes. These days, as the NHS struggles to meet its costs and many hospitals are tied into contracts that expose patients to sugary, less-than-healthy foods, should we be packing a salad as well? Ellie Smith writesRead more

Going dairy-free

Catherine Morgan finds out about the challenges of a trialing a dairy-free diet for childrenRead more

Magical mushrooms

Used in traditional medicine in Japan and China for millennia, mushrooms are become a growing area of interest in western nutritional healthRead more

A bitter fight for sweet success

A spoonful of sugar might help the medicine go down for Mary Poppins, but type 2 diabetes is crippling our health service. Louise Wates finds out about the NHS staff who are fighting backRead more

Dirt pudding

Christine Bailey shows us how to make a vegan chocolate dessert for this year's Halloween celebrations.Read more

Five Minutes with Lucinda Miller

We chat to Lucinda Miller, a naturopath and functional medicine practitioner specialising in children’s health and wellbeing. Lucinda recently published her first book, The Good Stuff.Read more

Children’s TV and internet habits linked to junk food intake

Children who watch commercial television or use the internet for more than half an hour per day are more likely to pester for, buy, and consume junk food products that are high in sugar, salt and fat, according to a report by Cancer Research UK and the University of Liverpool.Read more

Mini Carrot Cakes

We think that October is a good month for donning our baking aprons… With that in mind, we have selected one of our favourite carrot cake recipes, taken from Amelia Freer’s book, Cook, Nourish. Glow.Read more

Five Minutes with Jenny Tschiesche

We chat to Jenny Tschiesche, nutritional therapist, author, and founder of more

High gluten diet in pregnancy linked to increased risk of type 1 diabetes in children

A large observational study published in The BMJ has found that children born to women who eat high levels of gluten during pregnancy may have a higher risk of going on to develop the autoimmune condition type 1 diabetes.Read more

Wild rice and sweet potato salad

This is such a delicious alternative to potato salad, and is great for packing into summery picnics or tossing into lunchboxes for a nutrient boost at lunchtimeRead more