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Registered nutritional therapist Kirsty Cullen discusses the personal connection that inspired her to specialise in chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)/ME. She discusses research that may have led to some of the stigma around CFS, as well as potential triggers of the condition, and the similarities and differences between CFS and long Covid. She also talks about The Optimum Health Clinic’s integrative approach to managing CFS, and evidence surrounding current medical recommendations such as Graded Exercise Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.


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Kirsty Cullen, BA (Hons), DipBCNH, mBANT, CNHC, is a registered nutritional therapist and CEO of The Optimum Health Clinic. Her interest in nutrition began as a consequence of health issues experienced by her own daughter. Having investigated ways in which to support her daughter’s health, Kirsty was inspired by the improvement in her daughter’s condition following the application of nutritional therapy principles and dietary change. Kirsty has worked within the corporate wellness sector and also undertaken a number of nutrition roles within the professional sports arena. This included working as a Nutritional Therapist at St George’s Park National Football Centre and also as Lead Nutritional Therapist at Derby County Football Club. Kirsty joined the team at the Optimum Health Clinic in 2011 working within the nutrition support team initially, followed by a role within the practitioner team and then subsequently as Director of Nutrition.

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