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Jenny Tschiesche, otherwise known as the Lunchbox Doctor, discusses the challenges brought by our underrated midday meal: lunch. For parents unsure of what to put in their children’s lunchbox, to adults who lack inspiration when it comes to taking food into the workplace, Jenny encourages listeners to rethink lunch, think outside the box, and stray from preconceived notions of what a lunch ‘should’ look like. Armed with her ‘lunchbox bingo’, she describes specific ways to ensure your lunch is nutritionally balanced, to keep you full and satisfied till dinner. Jenny also shares advice to help you save money and time in the kitchen. 


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Jenny Tschiesche, otherwise known as the Lunchbox Doctor, is a nutritional therapy practitioner and Sunday Times No.1 Bestselling author who is passionate about educating families, those in the workplace and elite sports people to eat healthy and nutritious meals. She has written five books, titled the Air-Fryer Cookbook, Sheet Pan Dinners, The Modern Multi-Cooker Cookbook, Real Lunch Time Food, and the Modern Vegetarian Instant Pot Cookbook, and her next book, the Budget Air-Fryer Cookbook, is due to come out in September. Besides her books, Jenny also sees clients, delivers workshops, works with schools and athletes, and partners with companies such as supermarkets, all in her capacity as a nutritional therapist. 



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