Episode summary

Catherine Sharman explains how she uses the principles of functional eating in her food, making little changes to food she loves to better support health. After telling the story of her professional journey, the discussion about functional food begins. Catherine is adamant that healthy food does not have to be boring. On the contrary, she says, the key to a sustainably beneficial diet is eating beautiful, nourishing food that you love; joyful food that just so happens to be healthy. So, what sets apart a regular chicken satay dish and Catherine’s? What’s the difference between any old shepherd’s pie and a functional version? And what can fish-and-chip lovers do to optimise their meal of choice?


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Catherine Sharman is the founder of Après, formerly a restaurant and now a healthy ready-meals company. Both a restaurant chef and a functional nutritionist, Catherine combines a love for beautiful food with a deep understanding of nutritional therapy, aiming to create food which nourishes those who eat it and tastes delicious too.



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