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Amy Pamment discusses confusing, elusive chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) or myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) – often referred to as CFS/ME. This episode tries to get to grips with what CFS/ME actually is: an umbrella term for conditions that involve a multitude of fatigue-related symptoms, that may have a plethora of different possible causes. Amy explains why she thinks doctors often struggle to treat people with CFS, and the tools which can enable nutritional therapy practitioners to succeed in those situations. She also shares her own experiences with CFS, demonstrating from personal experience how complicated the causes can be – and the potential power of nutritional interventions.


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Amy Pamment has been a practising NT and lecturer for over 15 years. Her interest in nutrition was fuelled by health problems in her late twenties which eventually saw her retire from a successful career as a BBC journalist due to chronic fatigue syndrome.

She now works part-time for ION and runs her private practise near Farnham in Surrey specialising in complex cases and working with children with ADHD and Autism.



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