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Dr Alex Richardson discusses the role of nutrition and diet in ADHD; from conception through to adulthood. As well as unpacking what we mean by the label ‘ADHD’, she explains why the condition often overlaps with other neurological conditions. She also discusses her research into omega-3 fats and brain development, as well as other nutrients that may help to manage symptoms of ADHD, and foods that should be avoided.


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Dr Alex Richardson, DPhil (Oxon), PGCE, FRSA, is a Visiting Senior Research Fellow at the University of Oxford, and Director of Food and Behaviour (FAB) Research. Her primary research interests include the role of nutrition (and dietary fats in particular) in brain development and function, and its implications for behaviour, learning and mood, as well as the biology of individual differences in personality, perception and cognition, particularly in relation to developmental and psychiatric disorders. Alex is a regular speaker at national and international research meetings and has more than 90 research publications in peer-reviewed journals and academic books. Alex is also the author of They Are What You Feed Them.

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