Episode summary

Ojarike Udu (‘OJ’) has been a practising nutritional therapist for over 10 years, having given up a career in finance to retrain at the age of 40. This episode focuses on diversity and inclusion within nutritional therapy, and why men are less likely to seek out nutritional support. OJ also discusses barriers to good nutrition for those from lower socioeconomic backgrounds, as well as how the nutrition industry could become more racially diverse. 


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Ojarike Udu is a registered nutritional therapist who trained at the Centre for Nutrition Education and Lifestyle Management (CNELM). He has been working in clinical practice for over 10 years, having decided at the age of 40 to give up a career in finance and sales. OJ runs his own clinic, Cristazone, seeing clients both online and face-to-face in London.


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