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Sam Feltham, director of the Public Health Collaboration (PHC), delves into carbohydrates and how they affect our blood sugars. The PHC is a charity dedicated to improving public health and saving the NHS money through better lifestyle information, and one of its central focuses is the UK’s diabetes crisis. Sam discusses the link between type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance, and carbohydrates, explaining that an overconsumption of carbs has led many to develop “a disorder of carbohydrate metabolism”. Sam explains how carbs affect the way we feel, how factors like the time of day and our age can make a difference, and steps we can take to maintain a more stable blood sugar balance.


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Sam Feltham is the founder and director of the Public Health Collaboration (PHC), which works with the NHS to improve the UK’s health through projects such as The Lifestyle Club and Real Food Runners. Before setting up his charity, Sam was a personal trainer who owned a fitness bootcamp company, and he attracted internet attention for conducting ‘overeating self-experiments’. Previously, Sam has worked as a snowboarding instructor and graphic designer, and more recently he stood for election as a local councillor in Winchester.



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